Blythe Baxter

Blythe Baxter is a young girl, most likely in her teens/pre-teens,  in the 2012 Hub TV series "Littlest Pet Shop," and is also the protagonist of the show. She is a brunette with a pink, white-spotted headband, along with blue eyes. DescriptionEdit

"Fashion is Blythe’s passion.  Now that she’s starting her new life in the big city and at Littlest Pet Shop, Blythe gets to design clothes for a whole new set of friends: a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, monkey, panda, skunk, hedgehog, gecko, and a mongoose! Blythe isn't sure how or why she can suddenly talk to animals, but now that she can, she couldn't imagine her life any other way!"


Blythe is introduced in her home town, where she is sketching a woman under her "favorite tree." A squirrel and dog try to talk to her, and she says "I wish I knew what you were saying." as she returns the dog's stray frisbee.

Shortly after, her father tells her they are moving to the highly-populated Downtown City, which is an obvious parody of New York City. While settling into her new apartment room, she stumbles across a dumbwaiter that goes straight to the bottom floor. Upon not-so-delicately landing in the Littlest Pet Shop, she hits her head and hears voices. She then finds out she can talk to and understand animals of all kinds, but no one else can.


Blythe is a girl with a passion for fashion, as quoted in's description page. She often gets in social issues in the same episode that a pet has the same/a smiliar problem as she does. Also, unlike most cartoon

Blythe's sketchpad

characters, she has a different hairstyle and outfit each episode. Her favorite known hobby is to sketch fashion designs, whether they be dresses or suits, in her sketchpad. The sketchpad is shown throughout the series (though is only pointed out directly in the first part of episode one), and is labeled with pink marker that reads "Blythe Style."

Blythe's "catchphrase" is what she says when she is extremely confused or surprised, which is usually either "What the what!?" or "What the when!?"

Blythe also commonly uses abbreviations, like "NSM" (not so much), in common social speech. These abbreviations are usually used with texting on cell phones, which is a very common thing among teenagers around Blythe's age and older. It is not uncommon for real teens to do this from time to time.


"What the what?"

"I noticed that his keys were cute- I mean, I noticed that he dropped his keys but I cuten't (couldn't) find him- I mean I couldn't find him, so now I have his cutes. His keys!"

"Hey Russell. [car noises] ERRR!! Beep. Beep. Beep. Russell!?"

"Why would I want Penny Ling to wear an oversized man suit?"