Sunil Nevla

Sunil Nevla
is a light blue mongoose and one of the seven Littlest Pet Shop pets in the 2012 Hub TV series "Littlest Pet Shop." He has an even lighter blue coat in the forehead, nose and stomach/tummy area, along with dark blue strips on his back. He has yellowish/orange eyes with a blue circle inside. The term "Sunil" translates into "dark blue mongoose" in Hindi, which is odd because Sunil is a light blue mongoose. DescriptionEdit

"Want to make something disappear? Then Sunil is your man, um, mongoose. Sunil loves putting on a magic show and sometimes his tricks actually work... well, sometimes."


Despite being a self-proclaimed "unbelieveable coward," he can be much more brave, strong and angry then usual in the presence of cobras (whether real or imaginary). This is most likely due to the fact that mongooses and cobras are natural enemies, and usually compete with each other. Blythe and Russell use his natural hatred of the animal to give him the confidence to help

"I hate Cobras."

rescue the remaining pets (Zoe, Minka, Penny Ling, Pepper and Vinnie) from their imprisonment within the Largest Ever Pet Shop in the episode "Gailbreak!," despite his refusal to enter the pet shop moments earlier. In this episode, Sunil is also shown to possess hypnotic powers, as he uses them to hypnotize the Biskit Twins so he can rescue the pets (with the help of Blythe, of course) without being captured. This is one of the few times when his magic succeeds, which may have happened because of the "confidence boost" provided by the insistence of cobras inside the Largest Ever Pet Shop. It is currently unknown of this hypnotic ability can effect other pets.

In the episode "Blythe's Crush," he is shown to have psychic powers. Although he was able to pinpoint Blythe's location, the pets were constantly interrupting him, taking them all over Downtown City to the wrong places. This didn't help the fact that Sunil had the timing incorrect already, making the situation all the more confusing. At the end of the episode, he confesses to not having psychic abilities in the first place, despite whether or not he actually had it in the first place. Apparently, to use this power, he has to concentrate and holding the item in his hand.


"I hate cobras."

"Hold on! We're supposed to walk into the Largest Ever Pet Shop, get past a spiderweb of lasers, disable a very expensive robot security guard and two mean girls, enter a day camp area made of half inch plexi glass and walk out with Zoe's sister?!"

"Oh, Vinnie! Oh no you DIDN'T!"

"My psychic abilities are telling me this will not turn out so well."